Friday, August 1, 2008

conquering the iroquois

so dallin and i went for a scooter ride last night. dallin loves his scooter! it get's 100 miles to the gallon, so when we "filled up" his tank last night it cost him $4.52. well, we had some pretty awesome adventures on the scooter last night! take a look at the sweet pictures we took!

the first thing we did was put on our helmets. obviously (i'm all about safety mom). these are black dot helmets. bulletproof, of course (which comes in handy when the shooting starts).

the first thing we did was take the scooter off-roading. there is a huge dirt hill south of campus and we went for a ride. do not be fooled by this mellow looking hill, we almost died! apparently, scooter's don't off-road as well as dirt bikes. be careful not to roll

next, we cruised by the temple. it was beautiful. as our top speed going up the hill by the temple hovered around 15 mph, we got a nice long view. look at the sweet shot i got!

we decided to continue our ride up iroquois dr above the temple. this winding road is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. we felt like celebrities when people cheered as we passed. whistles and claps echoed in our ears and followed us up the street as we drove. they were so happy to see us! we were their heroes! our upward climb ended in a triumphant ascent to the end of street. as we zigged and zagged our way up the hill at a slowly decelerating 5 mph, we we slightly afraid that the engine would stall. however, after a slow climb and much holding of our breaths, we reached the top! we joyfully turned around and sped down the hill hitting 35 mph! wow! i was able to use the night vision on my camera and take a sweet shot of the end of our climb. the houses were pretty sweet.

we ended our drive by racing a minivan. as we sat at the light at 9th east and univ. pkwy, dallin revved his engine. the mom in the minivan to our right took his bait. she rolled down her window and trash talked to us. she claimed that we could never beat her off the line and that she would smoke us. we taunted her back and waited with great anticipation. as the light remained red, the tension grew. we threw glances back and forth, waiting for our moment to show this woman what we were made of. FINALLY, the light turned green and we were off!! not fast enough, however, that woman in her minivan proved correct in her ability to "smoke" us. she flew off the line like she was late for church and we were left eating her dust. next time, minivan mom, next time

tribute: this post is dedicated to my buddy dallin for his mad scootering skills and his ability to dance all things latiny. here is a picture that we took in our sweet helmets! don't we look awesome??


Dallin said...

Oh my gosh this was the best thing I have ever read. I'm pretty sure i laughed the whole time!!
I love you!!!

Pierce and Stacy said...

You lie. Lies. ALL LIES! You did NOT take those pictures. But good post becks. I want a scooter.

katy kathryn julia said...

I want to meet this Dallin fellow. Maybe when we become good friends, he'll take me for a ride on the scooter. I'm jealous! How fun! And sweet pics, Beck. You change the mode on your camera so often--that takes talent.

Cali Haynie said...

hahaha I love all of those amazing fake pictures!! You kill me!!!

Becki said...

why does EVERYONE think these are FAKE??? are you all just jealous of my mad camera skills? just cuz you can't take pictures like i can doesn't mean you have to hate on me. "screw you guys, i hate high school!"

katy kathryn julia said...


I don't even know what that's from.

Lauren said...

Oh I definitely know where your quote is from - SHE'S THE MAN! Also, I love several things about this: I just discovered you had a blog, your pictures are hilarious, and I love scooters (my mother owns one - weird, I know)!

Christensen Family said...

The $4.52 for fill-up...NICE. The 5 mph uphill...not so much.

I was almost sold on the idea until I thought about they have a sidecar I could attach?